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    White Printing

    White printing is a pigment-less type of printing that prints white toner ink. White toner ink works in place of black toner ink, replacing it in the printer. While most printers only use CMYK toner inks (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black), there are special printers that allow the use of white toner ink. Much like black ink, white ink is used as a base ink for its medium.

    White ink is used primarily for dark/transparent colored mediums. Background colors like black, navy blue, red, and greens are all great for white printing. Transparencies, believe it or not, offer a similar outcome. When used with white ink only the white tends to pop and when white is paired with other colors it will act as a base allowing colors (printed on top) to radiate. Neon printing is a great example. When paired with white ink it becomes 2X more vibrant.

    White printing is rarely offered by printing companies. They may offer white “colored” paper or white screen printing (a very expensive process), but very few offer white printing. Surprisingly, that’s where we come in at! We absolutely offer WHITE PRINTING and in various types of prints! Whether you need white-printed nail decals or white-printed wedding invitations, we’ve got you covered!

    Wanna know more about our white printing options? Contact us today for the full rundown!

    White Printing Simply Crystal Nails
    White Ink Printing
    White Printing Simply Crystal Nails
    White Nail Decals
    White Printing Simply Crystal Nails
    White Laser Heat Transfers
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