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    Silicone Hand Trainer Nail Tips


    These are false, press-on, “Squoval Nails,” used primarily for your silicone hand. Silicone Hand Trainer Nail Tips are a great base nail for practicing nail techniques like gels, acrylics, dips, or nail art with your silicone hand. The nails are wide, rounded at the base for a smooth fit, the perfect length for the nail tunnels, and have the perfect curved shape that fits snuggly into most silicone hands.

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    These nails can be purchased as a set or can be purchased individually as replacement packages. Each number comes with 50 nails per bag and a set has 500 nails total. These nails can be purchased in clear or natural color. The nail sizes start at 0 and go to size 9.

    These nails are the perfect press-on practice nails for your silicone hand. They can quickly be inserted inside of your silicone hand or can be glued for a stronger hold. Purchase your nails today!

    *Please note that the length may vary from the image.

    Additional information

    Weight 5 oz
    Dimensions 4 × 7 × 1 in
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