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    Product Photography Props Are Now Available!

    Product Photography Props Are Now Available! Simply Crystal Nails

    Product Photography Props Are Now Available!

    What are product photography props?

    Product photography props are additional objects added to a photography scene to enhance the photo. They are used to elevate an image but are not the focal point of an image. Props are great for expressing your creative side and portraying a story or feel. They can range from organic objects to inorganic objects, like the wooden geometric props we sell!

    What are product photography props used for?

    This is a great question but it’s quite simple. Product photography props can be used for anything! They are generally used in conjunction with any product to heighten the look of the image. In a nutshell, product props can be used for still life photography, studio pendulum styling and/or display, beauty and makeup product photography, flower photography, small product photography, still life photography, nail photography, cosmetic photography, wedding photography, baby props photography, Instagram photography, TikTok videos, youtube cover photography, Facebook store pages, food photography, brand product photography, lifestyle photography, jewelry photography, accessory photography, and much more!

    Why Simply Crystal Nails’ Props?

    We absolutely love our props and stand behind them! Not because they are are our props but because they are great, high-quality props that are made in America and made to order. We honestly put our heart and soul into creating props that are durable and can stand the test of time.

    Our props are made from 100% wood. We use only the highest quality paints that are water-resistant, stain-resistant, and scrub resistant*! Our props are matte so they don’t reflect light. This is also great because matte coatings offer a natural airbrushed look. We also add several layers of filling, primer, and paint to get the smoothest feel possible.** And while we currently offer only white and Simply Crystal Nails’ pink, we will be adding additional colors in the future! We absolutely love our props and we think you will too!

    What Product Photography Props do you offer?

    Currently, we only offer minimal-geometric-shaped product photography props. We wanted to begin with a basic selection of props and grow from there. Our props are unique enough to take your image to the next level but simple enough to take the backseat.

    We currently offer flat square props, cube props, sphere props, flat circle props, cylinder props, and much more. For a full listing of our selections please check out our prop page. Our prop selections are constantly growing so check back frequently.

    * While our props are water, stain, and scrub resistant we still recommend handling your props with care. We do not recommend immersing props in water, allowing stains to stay on props for long periods of time, or excessive/heavy scrubbing. While props are resistant they are not impenetrable.

    **Some props may contain visible wood patterns. While we do our best to make every prop as smooth as possible some wood patterns may seep through. Generally, patterns viewable with the visible eye do not translate on photos. Using a photo editing app can easily eliminate any visible wood patterns.

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